Transition FAQs

How do I transfer my records to a new primary care physician?

If you still need your records released, please email your request to Dr. Greiner using information on the contact page. Include a fax or secure email to which you want the records sent. The records that will be faxed are the office visit notes, medicine and diagnosis list. Other records such as blood work, x-ray, MRI, CT scans, biopsy results, ER reports, Physical Therapy reports and specialist consults can be obtain directly from the office, lab or hospital where the service was performed.

Can I still purchase my supplements through the your website?

Yes, all of the accounts are active. The three most commonly used pharmaceutical company order WebPages can be reached from the home page. Contact Dr. Greiner if you need a physician code for the product website.

What will happen to my medical records?

Your medical records will be maintained for the length of time required by law. The length of time varies depending on the age of the patient and if they used Medicare as their insurance. The shortest length of time if seven years after the last date of service.

Can I reach the doctor for a question?

If you already have her personal phone or mailing address, please use one of those methods. If you do not, then see contact tab on the home page.