Dr. Greiner is no longer seeing patients on a regular basis beginning July 1, 2017.
Read the FAQs for more info on the transition.

Transition FAQs

What if I need to be seen?

Dr. Greiner is adding extra hours until June 15th. There may be options for appointments June 28th and 29th. Please coordinate that directly with Dr. Greiner at 734-417-1348. After the office closes, eventually the 822-6001 number will go away. You will still have this email and the 417-1348 cell phone to use.

We are asking you to establish an appointment immediately if you need closure on your medical program, need refills or have a new complaints that should only require one visit. Most refills can be written for up to one year depending on the prescription and confidence level in the current dose.

Email MARYGREINERDO@GMAIL.COM or call 734-822-6001 or 734-417-1348 to make an appointment.

When will the 734-822-6001 phone be answered through the end of June?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday June 1-15. Not at all the week of June 19-22 though I'll have a doctor covering for urgent visits that week. Wednesday and Thursday June 28-29 it is best to use the 734-417-1348 number. These instruction should be on the 822-6001 number at the applicable times.

Can I reach the doctor for a question after June 30th?

Yes. Use either this email or the doctor cell. All responses will be evenings and Saturdays. Leave all pertinent information in your message to minimize messaging back and forth.

How do you find a new doctor?

There are local physicians that do parts of what Dr. Greiner does. No single other physician does the combination of homeopathics, Osteopathic Manipulation, thyroid work, herbs, minerals and vitamins (Functional Medicine). Dr. Greiner has prepared a spreadsheet to help you with this process. She is also more than happy to have a phone conversation with you about this transition. She has already made personal recommendations for some of her patients. She wants what is best for you and sincerely hopes that you can find that right provider.

What will happen to my medical records?

Your medical record can be faxed to your new doctor's office. Please email a statement that you want them released to this email. Include the doctor or office name and their fax number. Or your new office can fax a Release of Information request to the 734-780-3112. For those that need the records released more than one time there is a $40 charge, payable by credit card. The records that will be faxed are the office visit notes, medicine and diagnosis list. Other records such as bloodwork, x-ray, MRI, CT scans, biopsy results, ER reports, Physical Therapy reports and specialist consults can be obtain directly from the office, lab or hospital where the service was performed.

Do I need to have my records transferred right away?

No. You can have them transferred anytime in the next 12 to 18 months.

Are there any supplements left for purchase?

Yes, any remaining supplements are still good and 35% off. Please email any inquires.

Can I still purchase my supplements through the your website.

Yes, all of the accounts will remain active.